“Please Take Pictures of Your Friends”

I’ve always loved taking pictures of things, places, and people. Oh, the people. The wonderful people who have blessed my life in the time they were present in it. I say ‘in the time they were present’ because some of these people are no longer a part of my life nor have as strong of a presence as they once did. 

They knew a different me as I knew a different them. Our paths had crossed and parted or they continue to intertwine, weaving in and out through time. With some of these people, our paths are still aligned and we are walking this life in each other’s company- presently. But if we fell out of friendship, relationship, or any other way they saw us, I still cherish the days we had.

The people we were, are the people that are still friends… in my opinion. So how they see that, is on them. People change, but memories don’t so looking back- which ever way we chose to walk separately- we still share a past. A past unchangeable so why not be grateful for the moments before that made the us, then, happy. And with that, I am so so grateful to have had the time with each and every person present in these sets.

I was inspired by this post. It made me feel quite nostalgic of days and nights spent with friends over the years. From having a good amount of free time during high school where we went, or at least tried to go, everywhere and do anything we were able to do. (Teenage angst? I guess). To years in college where life was a little more serious. So many photos came from those days and nights. So much laughter and sometimes tears.

Now, I don’t want this to be about a reminiscent of high school because it’s not. It’s not about the reminiscing college, either. It’s about taking pictures of your friends. Doing what it was that made them- them. Capturing their growth or deteriorations at the time. Recording their best and their weirdest. Some posed, some not because who am I kidding. 16 year old me definitely wanted to become a photographer to some extent.

And so I decided to go back through my photos, as far as I could, all the way to now. 

Here are the people I once knew, loved, and people I know, now. Here are just some of the pictures I took.

to: friends old, now, and new. you know who you are.

Thank you for some of the best moments I have experienced so far. Thank you for waking up with me at ungodly hours of the morning to watch the sunrise in a place we hadn’t been to, another city, or even another state. Thank you for hiking and venturing with me regardless of the amount of sleep we had the night before. Thank you for the long days and long nights that seemed so endless, but in best way. For all the brunch, thrift, and farmer’s market dates. For the school days that felt like summer and the summer days that melted altogether. For the sunsets and wild? weird? nights. Thank you for supporting my last minute antics. For all the road trips to the beach, the mountains, and every city in between. Thank you for all the love and happy days a gal could ask for.

Can you believe that, although we were once either so alike or so different, we still had same intention of being friends.

So, “please take pictures of your friends.”

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