10+ Netflix Shows and Youtubers To Binge-Watch

A list for those overwhelmed with the vast amount of new Netflix tv shows or underwhelmed with the lack of content on Youtube. And maybe want to go on a hike, fight some Danes, or walk through amusement parks eating everything.


The Last Kingdom
The Big Flower Fight

Incredible. Like a competitive cooking show, but with stunning displays of flower sculptures instead of food. Art made of flowers, grasses, shrubs, and some scraps provided. I finished the first season in two days, but one is doable. They are also really nice to each other. I, personally, got attached to certain teams and their whole beings. If you want to watch a competition, but not feel totally anxious- this is it. Gorgeous plants, funny people, and truly a friendly competition.

Never Have I Ever

Okay, at first, I didn’t want to watch this one. It looked really high school-y which wasn’t what I was looking for at the time. BUT honestly one of my faves! Awesome to see a show with main characters that are POC. Actually, a variety of groups and issues were represented. I loved it. So cute, but frustrating towards the end. Made me cry so much in the last couple of episodes, especially due to the mother-daughter relationship.

Outer Banks

Really popular right now and it has every right to be. Honestly didn’t even want to click on this when I first saw it recommended, either, but I caved one night and was instantly pulled in. I haven’t finished the first season yet, but managed to watch about 4 episodes that one late night. Haven’t sat myself down to commit for the last 6.

Bert Kreischer

All his specials. Just watch them all. Even the ones on YouTube. One of my favorite stand-up comedians.

Sugar Rush, Nailed It, and Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Grouped these because they’re all dessert competitions that I’ve binged every time they come out with new seasons. Don’t ask why, but I’m obsessed. My go-to’s whenever I finished new seasons or episodes of MasterChef Junior. Amazing creations that don’t even look edible sometimes because they’re that pretty (except nailed it.) Also, I can’t even make cookies without burning them so let me live vicariously.


Most are pretty popular, but these are the accounts I’ve been watching at least once everyday for the past month and a half. New and old content. Just to keep sane. Maybe they’ll do the same for you, too.

  1. AustinJohnPlays — “Goooood morning, butterpup!” I only started watching him because of his Animal Crossing series and he’s my absolute favorite in terms of the game. Taught me so much about flower breeding, too! It’s his first time playing and doesn’t time travel so his island is made with real time and all the loving. Only trusts data mining and debunks all the too-good-to-be-true myths. He’s also passionate enough to study apiaries before placing some in his garden.
  2. bestdressed — aka ashley.I’ve been watching her for years, now, from her early days in LA to London (for a short time) and New York. She truly doesn’t disappoint. I’m glad she did a quarantine vlog, too. Made me still want to move to New York. Stylish, funny, and very blunt when voicing her opinions. On top of fashion being one of the main parts of her channel, she addresses issues that most “relatable” Youtubers don’t. Not to mention! Her video style. Ugh. *chefs kiss. (UCLA Film grad for a reason)
  3. Elina Osborne — The Pacific Crest Trail series. I found her 6 months ago when she posted her first video: It Is The People. She takes you on the PCT in chapters filled with the beauty, struggles, people, and experience the trail has to offer. It’s her story, but she makes you want to create your own. Perfect series to escape the world we’re in now without leaving the comfort of your home. But you might want to leave later after watching. Definitely made me want to drop everything and go. Here is the full series in a playlist.
  4. AdventureArchives — More Hiking/Camping… But make them movies. Jacob showed me this account after watching 40 Miles Alone on the Timberline Trail about a year ago. All their hiking videos are literally like movies. If you have time, which I’m sure you do, sit yourself down with some popcorn and go on these hikes with them. The cinematography is amazing. They’re also quite funny in a dorky way and you’ll learn a thing or two about the things they saw or found on the trail.
  5. DelishJulia Tries Everything and Iconic EatsI’ve watched every episode, both seasons for both series. I can’t even explain why I enjoy them so much. I just do? Literally the title – Julia eats almost everything on the menu at the restaurant she’s at. Tess, eats her way through amusement parks and I think I enjoy them so much because these are things I have yet to do. I don’t even think I’m capable to eat that much without sharing or feeling wasteful. Again, living vicariously.

more on Netflix, you’ve probably seen, but worth re-watching? —

The Dark Tourist

A little twist on travel and places you may not really want to visit? Loved this series. I wish they made more.

CAOS and Stranger Things

Halloween forever, am I right.

Parks and Rec, Gossip Girl, The Good Place, Queer Eye, New Girl, Glee
And ALL the Rom-Coms.

— I didn’t list any of the ones I haven’t watched or finished more than one episode yet. My “to watch” list is quite long especially with all the new shows and movies Netflix released, recently. I will probably do an updated list.

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