Traveling During a Pandemic: Flying

Of course we shouldn’t be traveling while the world is in a somewhat passive chaos, but isn’t it the best time to? Well in terms of timing and the increased ability to work from home?

I say ‘this type of time’ because in my 20+ years of life, all I’ve known is that time is more valuable than money. But that’s a conversation for another day… The type of time we have these days is so rare for the majority of people. Most of us have been working on-site compared to the few who have been working from home long before. Although the majority of people may view these times negatively, including myself here and there, I think it’s a good time to be traveling.
But of course with extra precaution.

I recently got back from a week in McCall, Idaho and I cannot stress enough how conflicted I felt flying again – solely due to this pandemic. I was excited, nervous, confident, and scared all at the same time. I was excited to be traveling and going on a flight, again. But I was nervous because I was going on a flight again… With a lot of other people. On a plane after heading through an airport. I was confident because I knew that after, there would be a new found confidence in flying for travel again. But so scared of all the things that could go wrong.

Regardless, I learned enough in the time I was departing and arriving. So I wanted to share what I think would make you feel a little more confident in flying, again, too.

  • Masks on masks on extra masks
    • It is required you wear a mask for the entire duration of the flight. Unless you are eating, drinking water, or have underlying health conditions. Better safe than sorry and the more you have, the easier they are to pull out of whatever bag or pocket you have.
  • Multiple hand sanitizers of regulation size – 3oz. or less
    • I found the Bath and Body Works minis work wonders and they’re cute, too. I packed 2 miniature hand sanitizers and they were easy to pull out and put away.
  • Sanitizing wipes
    • We flew on Delta and they provided a single sanitizing wipe when first boarding the plane. You can ask for extra or you can bring your own which is more convenient… And maybe even bigger than the ones they do provide.
  • Snacks and water
    • Some flights do not offer snacks or water anymore so I found it convenient to eat before and buy a water bottle by the gate before boarding.
  • Minimize the surfaces you and your stuff touch.
  • Wipe down your seat, the window, and the empty one next to you before sitting and laying your carry-ons down.
  • Basically, wipe down anything you think needs to be wiped down.
  • If you are paranoid about breathing the same air in such a closed space, I don’t blame you. Although they do say the air is being filtered constantly, minimize the air being blown towards you by closing your vent, or pointing it away from your face.
  • The most obvious tip – keep your mask on at all times if you can. Be thoughtful of yourself and others.

Remember, to keep domestic travel safe and available for everyone – do not travel if sick or have any symptoms. Get tested if you can prior and please keep up with social distancing regulations. This is truly a different and scary time to travel, but I believe anyone can do so if done right.

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