Fall Walk in Sedona, Arizona

Not once in my life did I think Arizona experienced seasons other than summer and winter.

But I was so wrong. Of course, I’m coming from a place of ignorance when thinking and saying that Arizona is literally just a desert with scorching hot sun and the occasional drop in temperatures. I didn’t even know Arizona got snow until I saw a couple of videos scrolling through reels on instagram.

So when I say, that Sedona surprised me – I mean it. I was in absolute shock and awe all at the same time. Driving in, I was enthralled by their infamous red rocks… but their fall foliage? the cherry on top.

During our last few hours, Jacob wanted to fish one last time and I wanted to go to Crescent Moon Picnic Site. Luckily, we both got what we wanted as Oak Creek ran right next to the trail I wanted to walk. I found this place while reading a couple articles on things to do in Sedona besides all the big hikes. When I saw pictures of the park, I knew I had to go. And it truly did not disappoint.

Above, are the two spots that most people take photos from and of course, I had to do the same. Same rock, sort of different views? Regardless, Cathedral Rock was an absolute beaut from this park at all directions and the foliage… don’t get me started.

Honestly, photos or videos don’t do this place justice, but I still wanted to share our little fall walk and small fishing find.

Crescent Moon Picnic Site, AZ

It was a quite easy drive to get to this park, but our service was cut while nearing the entrance so don’t exit out of your GPS if you don’t know where you’re going just in case. Also there is a fee to enter, but they do take cash and card. Once you pay to get in, drive all the way down to the last parking area. There will be a huge tree, dirt ‘field,’ and a little mill which are pictured above and a cemented walkway. Walk to the end of the walk way and to the right is the dirt trail right next to Oak Creek. It’s a very easy walk, nothing strenuous and a clear path. Highly recommend stopping by even without the fall foliage 🙂

Pictures Taken On: November 19, 2020

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