Small Businesses to Check Out Right Now

Why shop big when you can support small this holiday season and into the new year?

With everything that has happened this past year, a huge positive coming out of it is the increase of small businesses your friends now own. I truly believe that with all this time we were somewhat blessed with to spend inside and isolated – it has cultivated individual passions and talents. The outcome? Amazing small businesses with genuine beginnings, huge potential, and continuous growth to show for it.

In alphabetic order, I’ve listed just a few of the small businesses I’ve seen through my mutuals and my own timeline/feed. I’ve included their Instagram pages, order forms, websites, and whichever way to contact them best. I hope you find something new to fall in love with and support in any way possible.

Charcuterie by Julia

Based in the San Fernando Valley – Julia creates literal food art as a business. Her boards are as delicious as they are stunning. Buy a board or box for any occasion and she truly will not disappoint. Vegetarian options are also available along with delivery or pick-up. And don’t worry, she’s just a nice as what she creates. So, for more pictures and details, head on over to her Instagram page.

“One thing I love about my business is that I can make every board or box different. Being able to let myself be creative and adventurous is what makes me want to keep going and growing as a person and business” 🙂

Julia Luna

No longer taking orders for before or on Christmas. Ordering available for dates before New Years. Order through her instagram soon! Dates get booked and time is needed to prepare.

Full Out Cosmetics by Sami Heuer

Based in Santa Clarita, CA – Spa & Beauty Bar Owner and Boss Babe, Sami Heuer is a health and wellness coach, dance teacher, and traveling holistic makeup artist. She is also continuing her educational career in beauty as she works towards becoming a certified aesthetician.

Book now through email or direct message: here. Follow her instagram for more updates and giveaways!

justjrn by Joreen Oller

Based in Santa Clarita, CA – 21 year old Joreen Oller is the creative owner and baker of justjrn. Her beginning is quoted below. All her treats literally look too good. She also makes treats per occasion and can be seen from her Instagram page. Why buy from a store when you can buy decorated and much cuter macarons, here!

“My justjrn account started as a portfolio for my creative things, but then I started really getting into baking macarons and that’s my current specialty! I am opening up my shop for other baked goods in the future as well as calligraphy commissions. So here’s my tagline: prints, pastries, and pretty things.”

Joreen Oller

Before and on Christmas orders are closed. Cupcakes will be coming out either before or after New Years. So keep updated through IG and place an order when you can!

mgndncn photography

Based in San Francisco, CA | sometimes Los Angeles, CA – Megan Duncan is a 22 year old fashionista and photographer that also specializes in graphic design. My actual boyfriend since we were in high school so I may be biased, but I’m a huge fan through thick and thin.
She is currently going to school to learn more about her craft and strengthen her passions. Recently, she was inspired by William Klein’s light in fashion photography which can be found on her website and socials.

Find more of her work and projects on her website which is linked. Contact her through here.

Pretty Eyes Company by Jizelle Kocher

Based in San Diego, CA – Jizelle Kocher is the owner of Pretty Eyes Company and Good Mana Only. She is an aspiring nurse and freelance creator. On top of that, she is stylish, preaches being unapologetic, and makes some funny and relatable TikToks/IG reels. A true powerhouse to be reckoned with.

“3D mink cruelty free lashes that come in a reusable lash case! My goals are to empower women and make them feel they’re best!” ✨

Jizelle Kocher

Available for orders. US shipping only, for now.
Follow their IG to keep up with restocks and updates. Website coming soon and until then: Order Here.

The Purple Jar by Danielle Bizarra

Based in Northridge, CA – How it started quoted below.
Okay, but who doesn’t like ube? And if you haven’t had ube yet… why not try it in cream cheese form? Plus, if that’s not for you, they have other treats to try!

“The Purple Jar was started when I was attempting to make Ube pandesal. I wanted to make a unique filling inside the pandesal so I came up with the Ube cream cheese. The Purple Jar is a business that has been able to grow thanks to the support of all our wonderful customers!”

Danielle Bizarra

Available to take orders for December 23rd and will be having a meet-up in the Santa Clarita Valley and Northridge, but ONLY for UBE cream cheese. Thai Tea Pinna Cotta and Leche Flan are sold out until next year.

Scrub Cure by Sharmaine Sapon

Based in Los Angeles, CA – 20 year old, Sharmaine Sapon, recently graduated from a physical therapist assistant program. Beauty and brains. With goals and fashion in mind, she created an amazing mesh of a product.
My future nurse dreams come true. Just kidding, it’s the dream for anyone who wears scrubs – come true. Also may be biased here, too, but sis really did the world a favor with cute scrubs far from the price of Figs. phew.

“Starting my business rooted from my own struggles as a student in a trade school that barely had time to work and make sufficient amount of money for cute scrubs to wear everyday for clinicals. My main purpose for my line is to provide cute and affordable scrubs that fit well for those people that were in my shoes or just don’t want to pay around $100 for an everyday uniform- especially during this pandemic. I hope people choose to shop small this holiday season 🎄😌”

Sharmaine Sapon

Priority mail, 1-2 business days = Orders are usually receive on the same week depending when order is placed.

Serendipity XVI by Renee De Villa

Based in Santa Clarita, CA – How and why she started is quoted below. I first saw Renee’s pieces being worn by my little’s brother’s friends and I was obsessed. All the pieces she creates are cute and dainty. She also does little polls on what she should create next in addition to the fact that you can customize specific pieces.

“I grew up always being in love with the art of business and fashion and I wanted to find a way to pursue both areas. Last year I decided it was time to take some action, instead of waiting until I graduated from college to pursue this career, I decided to gain hands on experience early on while I’m still in high school.

The best part is that I get to connect with a diversity of customers and learn about the different interests people have all over the U.S.! “

Renee De Villa

Order by December 22nd to get your packages before Christmas.

Sting Like Z Apparel and ZC Visuals
by Zelzh Cabatan

Based in Santa Clarita, CA – Zelzh Cabatan is a business woman, coach, artist, and everything else she wants to be. She owns Sting Like Z Apparel which empowers women through comfortable and stylish workout wear. She is also an artist and specializes in digital and fluid artwork. If that wasn’t enough, she is also a boxer and trainer. Check out all her hardwork for yourself!

I found empowerment within from the following aspects in my life: creativity, kickboxing & community.

I started Sting Like Z Apparel, ZCVisualz & ZC Media Management because these 3 areas were the driving force of finding the core of my confidence. I found myself extremely happy, challenged and ever growing and I never thought doing any of these things were a “job” for me. It was always fun and growing up I always told myself; don’t do it for the money, do it for the happiness.

Zelzh Cabatan

Available to take orders and classes on website: here.

Sweet Schmacks by Bree & Eddy

Based in the San Fernando Valley, CA – Bree & Eddy are one of thee cutest couples that bakes on their free time. They specialize in aesthetically pleasing chocolate covered goodies such as chocolate covered strawberries and cakesicles. Have I mentioned that they’re aesthetically pleasing and look too good to even eat.

No longer taking orders for the month of December, but keep a look out for their future openings… especially for Valentine’s Day!

Villan Artistry by Julia Villarba

Based in Fullerton, CA || Orange County, CA – Julia Villarba is a 23 year old BBP and PMU certified, brow artist aiming to empower women through their appearance. Look good, feel good! She specializes in ombre powder brows and provides all the information you need on her Instagram page. Contact her through there and don’t forget to look through her highlights for any of the questions that you do have.

“I started because I’ve always loved beauty and makeup, and I thought tattooing was such a cool skill to have. I love seeing my clients’ reactions after their brows are transformed! I know the struggle of wanting to change your appearance and I think that brows really enhance people’s looks.

The biggest difference between my ombre powder procedure & microblading is that ombre looks more like makeup, and microblading mimics hair strokes.”

Julia Villarba

Booked for the month of December. Taking appointments for January.
All info is on her instagram page through highlights and posts.

Honorable Mentions + Recommendations

Dripz Coffee in San Diego, CA

I’m obsessed with this one. If you ever get the chance, go here for their Vietnamese coffee. Honestly one of the best I’ve ever had. Also, their ube and buko pandan cookies are amazing.

club casual

NZKC Photography

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