New Year’s Resolutions: 2021

New Year, Better Me

I don’t believe that New Year Resolutions should always be doing new things or providing drastic change. I believe them to be a list full of goals and thoughts that I want to keep up or improve on. A list full of old and new things that I have accomplished, what I want to accomplish, where I want to go next, and what I want to experience. Just a literal dump of my personal goals and thoughts:

  • Get good grades, aim for a 4.0 GPA – preferably all A’s, but don’t stress over one or two B’s
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
  • Stick to serving sizes, but don’t beat myself up for overeating
  • See the sun and moon more
  • Workout consistently and get toned
  • Hear the clacking of my heels
  • Feel the dirt, grass, and sand between my toes
  • Go to church consistently
  • Strengthen my faith and love God always
  • Travel more, travel when I can
  • Good grades in pre-nursing and nursing core
  • Read more and expand genres
  • Live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle – aim for zero waste!
  • Do more no-spend challenges, spend less in general
  • Thrift most if not all my clothes and donate firsthand instead of Goodwill
  • Donate to the food pantry at least once every quarter
  • Hike more frequently and appreciate the small walks
  • Take the time to actually rest
  • Less mindless scrolling, more intentional searching – use social media and the internet for good and inspiration rather than scrolling and refreshing.
  • Continuously learn and never stop asking questions or thinking
  • Help people more and be kind to strangers
  • Earn more money in any way shape or form to help pay for tuition, bills, and anything in general
  • Accomplish most of this…
Socially distanced- sunset from the very first day of 2021 @ Santa Monica, CA

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