Double Enrollment: A 5 Week Semester & An Accelerated Nursing Program

Yes, I did it, again. And, I’ll Do it Again.

As the title states, I was double enrolled in (2) 5 week winter classes and an accelerated nursing program.
Honestly, I wasn’t supposed to be in the winter semester of my community college until I realized I could knock out some classes with transfer units. Once I did decide on taking the two winter classes, knowing well enough that they would cross into my nursing program, I told my advisor. And unsurprisingly, much like my previous counselor over summer, they had questioned, “Are you sure?”

Of course, I wasn’t. But I was sure that I didn’t want to pay an extra $$$$ for a semester in the private program. I was also sure of my capabilities, but I was not sure on the amount of work and time I was getting myself into. And, of course, it was was pretty tiring. My two classes were philosophy and sociology that transferred over for humanities and medical ethics.

The first three weeks weren’t too bad as I only had those two classes, but they were definitely a load. I had 1 discussion board due every Tuesday, 3 on Wednesdays, and all 8 replies to my peers due on Fridays. Did I mention the 3 discussions on Wednesdays had to be a minimum of 300 words, each post… 🙂 Along with those discussions, I had philosophy exams every other week (3 in total) and essay-styled quizzes in sociology every Friday except on the last week. And, lastly, for finals week, I had a research paper on vaccinations, a list of 10 annotated bibliographies and a presentation on ‘defunding the police,’ and my philosophy final. Sprinkle on some textbook readings, educational videos, and note-taking… Voilà! A very sleep deprived, anxiety induced, Pau.

Oh, but wait… there’s more.

In the last two weeks, I finally started nursing school as a cherry on top. I was so lucky that the first week was not as busy as the second. I also thank myself every day for being on top of the readings because I would have been way worse since my finals week overlapped week 2. Okay so, in hindsight, it wasn’t too shabby, but in the moment- I felt like I was dying. Was it my anxiety? Was it the overwhelming feeling of not getting anything done when in reality, I accomplished everything I had to do? Both you and I will never know.

Anyways, after typing this, I truly cannot believe I was that bad b-. I literally did not see the sun for 6 days straight. But it was so worth it because I got an A in all my final assessments and, ultimately, finished with an A in both classes. SO moral of the story is to believe in yourself, have some discipline, and stay consistent. I truly felt like a zombie, but at the end of the 5 week semester, I felt incredibly proud of myself and accomplished.


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