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I always struggled with committing to a blog, but here we are… again.
My name is Pauline, I’m twenty-something, and live in Los Angeles, CA. I recently graduated with an A.A. in both Psychology and Liberal Arts and Sciences, Health Science Emphasis. I’m currently pursuing a B.S. in Nursing. All of which don’t seem to add up to the blogger persona most think of, but that’s okay! Because honestly, that’s what dreams are made of. You follow your passions and it just so happens that mine seem to have a wide range.

There’s a whole world of people, places, and things that I want to share from my own experiences- to moments I wish to partake in. Even times that I missed out on. This is where I want to express my thoughts and whole being without constantly annoying my friends and family on other social media platforms. Anything and everything. The fab and the drab. So I hope you find at least a sliver of what I post and share slightly interesting if not one of the best you’ve read in the day. Okay, just kidding, but I hope you do indeed either like it or hate it, I’ll take both.

Also, a huge thank you to those who read my very first post back in November of 2019. I did not think I would get that many readers for my first time. It was heartwarming and very inspiring.

So here we are. Hello, again.

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